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Elizabeth Lynn

Elizabeth Lynn is an SFF writer, particularly known for being one of the first writers in SFF to introduce gay and lesbian characters; in honor of Lynn, the GLBT bookstore “A Different Light” took its name from her novel. Her Chronicles of Tornor novels (1979-80), the first of which won the World Fantasy Award, were among the first fantasy novels to have gay relationships as an unremarkable part of the cultural background. The other books in this series are The Dancers of Arun (1979); and Northern Girl (1980). Lynn’s early SF novels, The Sardonyx Net and A Different Light were similarly ground-breaking in their treatment of sexual themes. Her “magical lesbian tale” “The Woman Who Loved the Moon” also won a World Fantasy Award. After a long hiatus, she began publishing again in 1998 (Dragon’s Winter) and in 2004 (Dragon’s Treasure). She has been a student and teacher of aikido for many years, with her own studio, and is a 6th degree black belt.

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