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Frank Robinson

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You should know Frank Robinson, even if you don’t. It’s really a special treat to have him with us for SF in SF, so make plans to join us. With ahead of the curve thrillers like The Glass Inferno (aka, The Towering Inferno film), The Gold Crew (basically, Hunt for Red October BEFORE Tom Clancy), and classic SF like Waiting, The Power, Death of A Marionette and The Dark Beyond The Stars to his credit, not to mention three years of being the Playboy Advisor for Playboy under his belt, the notable reference books Pulp Culture and Science Fiction of the 20th Century on everyone’s shelf, and the most comprehensive collection of original pulps anyone in the world has, believe us, he’s worth meeting.

Check out Frank’s web site for his experience with the making of the movie Milk. As Frank was Harvey Milk’s speechwriter back in the day, it’s very interesting.

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