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Update for 9/20 John Scalzi & Kimberly Unger event

September 18th, 2023 · No Comments

A HUGE thank you to all the fans that helped sell this event out in TWO DAYS! Who says people aren’t still reading books?!!

While our event is indeed sold out – our waiting list is closed, and there will be no tickets sold at the door, nor is standing room available – thanks to Bookshop West Portal – you can still pre-order John Scalzi’s STARTER VILLIAN and/or THE KAIJU PRESERVATION SOCIETY, and/or Kimberly Unger’s THE EXTRACTIONIST and/or NUCLEATION!  Just go to this link, scroll down, and you can order signed copies to be picked up later or shipped to you!

Stay tuned – we’re hosting authors Nancy Kress, Jack Skillingstead, and Howard Hendrix on Saturday, October 14th, and E. Lily Yu and Rick Wilber on Sunday, November 12th! Join our mailing list here at sfinsf.org – just scroll down, left hand side, and you’ll see our signup form.  No spam, no ulterior motives – just a way of letting you know who’s coming to town to chat and sign your books!

Help support the American Bookbinders MuseumBookshop West Portal, and SF in SF, by continuing to attend our upcoming events!

Questions can be directed to Rina Weisman, at sfinsfevents@gmail.com


As always, we thank SF in SF’s sponsor, Tachyon Publications“Saving the world, one good book at a time!”

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