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Deborah Grabien

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Local author, caterer, publisher, fundraiser, musician – let’s face it, all around Renaissance woman – Deborah Grabien is well-known for her Haunted Ballad and Kinkaid Chronicle series. In the Haunted Ballad series – The Weaver & the Factory Maid, The Famous Flower of Serving Men, Matty Groves, Cruel Sister, and New Slain Knight – each book shares the title with a well-known standard of traditional British folk music. In exploring the ghosts of characters in folk ballads, Grabien effectively mixes the ghost story with the contemporary drama, nicely incorporating period details and background on folk music.

Her Kinkaid Chronicles are a multi-book story narrated by English ex-pat and rock & roll superstar guitarist John Peter (JP) Kinkaid. While each book in the Chronicles has a mystery element, each follows the last in a complex arc that follows JP, with his multiple sclerosis, heart condition and unusual personal history, as he finally comes of age in his fifties. The Kinkaid Chronicles give the reader an all-access backstage pass to how musicians work, live, and love. Currently available is Rock and Roll Never Forgets, and While My Guitar Gently Weeps comes out this September. In addition, Drollerie Press features two other titles, And Then Put Out The Light, and Still Life With Devils. Oh yes, and she’s a hell of a cook.

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