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Richard Kadrey

Richard Kadrey is a novelist, freelance writer, and photographer based in San Francisco. Starting over 20 years ago as one of the first major writers of cyberpunk, with the classic Metrophage, his other novels include Kamikaze L’Amour, Sandman Slim and Butcher Bird. Other works include collaborative graphic novels and over 50 published short stories. Kadrey’s short story “Carbon Copy: Meet the First Human Clone” was filmed as After Amy. His non-fiction books as a writer and/or editor include The Catalog of Tomorrow (Que/TechTV Publishing, 2002), From Myst to Riven (Hyperion, 1997), The Covert Culture Sourcebook and its sequel (St. Martin’s Press, New York, 1993 and 1994); Kadrey also hosted a live interview show on Hotwired in the 1990s called Covert Culture.

An editor at print magazines Shift and Future Sex, and at online magazines Signum and Stim, Kadrey has also been widely published on the subjects of art, culture and technology in publications including Wired, Omni, the San Francisco Chronicle, SF Weekly, Artforum, and the Whole Earth Review, among others.

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