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Peter S. Beagle

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Peter S. Beagle, one of the premier American fantasists working today, is the author of many novels and collections, nonfiction books and screenplays. A talented guitarist, he is also a folk singer and poet. He rose to fame with his first novel, A Fine and Private Place, when he was only 19, but is today best known as the author of The Last Unicorn. Other titles of his such as Tamsin, The Folk of the Air, Lila the Werewolf, and The Innkeeper’s Song are stelllar contributions to the body of fantasy literature. His screenplay work includes a teleplay, “Sarek”, for Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the screenplay for the 1978 Ralph Bakshi-animated version of The Lord of the Rings. His nonfiction work includes I See By My Outfit, The Lady and Her Tiger, and In the Presence of Elephants.

His work as a screenwriter gave pause to his novel and short story output, but by the mid-1990’s he had returned to prose fiction of all lengths, and has produced new works at a steady pace since. “Two Hearts”, a coda to The Last Unicorn, won The Hugo Award in 2006 and the Nebula Award in 2007 for Best Novelette. Recent works include a reprint of A Fine & Private Place, The Line Between story collection, and We Never Talk About My Brother, all from Tachyon Publications. Peter S. Beagle now lives in Oakland, California.

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