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Howard Hendrix

Howard Hendrix

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Howard V. Hendrix has held jobs ranging from hospital phlebotomist to fish hatchery manager to university professor and administrator. His degrees range from a BS in Biology (Xavier University, 1980) to an MA (1982) and PhD in English Literature (1987), both from University of California, Riverside.

Hendrix’s first four published novels appeared from Ace Books (Penguin Putnam): Lightpaths (1997), Standing Wave (1998), Better Angels (1999), and Empty Cities of the Full Moon (2001). His fifth novel, The Labyrinth Key, appeared from Ballantine Del Rey in April 2004. His sixth novel, The Spears of God, was published by Del Rey in December 2006.

His most widely available works of shorter science fiction can be found in his short story collection Möbius Highway (Scorpius Digital Books, 2001), the Full Spectrum original anthology series Vols. 1, 4, and 5 (Bantam Books), and in The Outer Limits Volume 1 (Prima). His publications also include some three dozen works of shorter experimental stories, among them the chapbooks Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 (EOTU Press) and The Vertical Fruit of the Horizontal Tree (Talisman Press). His more recent short fiction has appeared in the June 2002 Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, in the DAW Books anthology Microcosms (January 2004), and Aeon Two (February 2005), Aeon Five (November 2005), and Future Shocks (January 2006). His story “Palimpsest” will appear in the September 2007 issue of Analog.

He has also published numerous political essays, book reviews, and works of literary criticism, including his book-length study of apocalyptic elements in English literature From Langland to Milton, The Ecstasy of Catastrophe (1990). His most recent science fiction criticism appears in Projections (2004) and YLEM Journal (2006).

An avid gardener, his book on landscape irrigation, Reliable Rain (co-authored with Stuart Straw), appeared in March 1998 from Taunton Press.

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