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Rudy Rucker

Rudy Rucker

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A founder of the cyberpunk school of science-fiction, Rucker also writes SF in a realistic style known as transrealism. In his latest transreal novel, Mathematicians In Love, two Berkeley grad students woo the same woman and open a gateway to alternate worlds. Two other recent books are his story anthology, Mad Professor, and a reprint of his historical SF novel, The Hollow Earth, which stars Edgar Allan Poe.

Rucker is currently working on a new series of cyberpunk novels. He has finished the first, Postsingular, nanotechnology augments human mental powers and the heroes prevent Earth from becoming a cloud of nanomachines. He’s currently writing the second novel in the series, Hylozoic, in which every object on Earth comes to life and the planet is menaced by alien realtors.

Check out his online webzine FLURB.

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