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Jo Walton and the Tiptree Award

August 8th, 2015 · No Comments

Space Babe

Tiptree Award to be presented at Borderlands Books
Sunday, August 9, at 3PM!

It’s a party!

Join SF in SF &
Jo Walton / Ellen Klages / Pat Murphy
and special guests!

It’s always a blast to be at this event — usually held at Wiscon, in Madison, WI, this year author Jo Walton was unable to attend, so this ceremony is THE presentation and party for the award!

The 2014 James Tiptree Jr. Memorial Award will be presented to Jo Walton for her novel My Real Children at Borderlands Books, 866 Valencia Street in San Francisco.

Author Ellen Klages, the Scott O’Dell Award winning author of The Green Glass Sea, will be present to interview Ms. Walton. Author Pat Murphy will talk about the founding of the Tiptree Award — and while there will not be a bake sale (one of the best ways the Tiptree Award organization raises money) the Borderlands Cafe will be open during the event as well.

As you may know (!) this is an award ceremony with lots of fun traditions 😉 The winner will be crowned with a tiara, serenaded with a song, and given chocolates and art — all specially created to honor her novel, My Real Children. In addition, this event will also include an interview with Jo Walton, a reading and a capella musical performance by Ada Palmer, and a CAKE! Other mischief may ensue. At a Tiptree event, it’s hard to say what might happen….but it’s always fun.

Special guests are expected — meet author Julie Phillips, who wrote the definitive biography, James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon! Books about and by Tiptree will also be for sale, courtesy of Borderlands Books — and play your cards right, and win a SPACE BABE temporary tattoo!

Come join us all – SF in SF is delighted to help support this wonderful special event!!

Walton is the co-winner of the 2015 Tiptree Award.
Monica Byrne and her novel, The Girl in the Road were celebrated at Wiscon 39 in May, 2015.

Summary of My Real Children

Jo Walton’s My Real Children is a richly textured examination of two lives lived by the same woman. This moving, thought-provoking novel deals with how differing global and personal circumstances change our view of sexuality and gender. The person herself changes, along with her society. Those changes influence and are influenced by her opportunities in life and how she is treated by intimate partners, family members, and society at large. The alternate universe trope allows Walton to demonstrate that changes in perceptions regarding gender and sexuality aren’t inevitable or determined by a gradual enlightenment of the species, but must be struggled for. My Real Children is important for the way it demonstrates how things could have been otherwise — and might still be.

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