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Greetings from SF in SF!

January 7th, 2014 · No Comments

Hope that you all had a wonderful and happy holiday season!

As you may already know, SF in SF was on its usual hiatus for the month of December. For the first time, we’ll also be on hiatus for January and February of 2014 — the location SF in SF currently uses, the Variety Children’s Charity Preview Room Theatre, is booked to the hilt with Academy review screenings events until March, so we’ll take this opportunity to do some long-postponed housekeeping for the event series. It’s our first break since starting back in 2005, but we’re excited about what’s coming up.

You’ll see some choice events here — while they won’t be SF in SF events per se, I’m sure you’ll still enjoy hearing about them and attending. For instance, author Jeff VanderMeer comes to the Bay Area in February, and we’ll have all the details about where you can find him!

I’ll also be upgrading the SF in SF newsletter — this comes out once a month or so, and details all that’s happening around the greater Bay Area in the way of author and film events, anything going on that could be of interest to the SFFH community.

In addition, what I’m really excited about is that we’ll be moving this newsletter over to MailChimp! This will give people the option to subscribe, unsubscribe, see images, get better links, and more information, instead of just sending a Gmail email.

SF in SF Events is the only literary newsletter dedicated to all things wonderful in the way of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and genre literature and related — I encourage you to drop me a line at sfinsfevents@gmail.com to sign up for this, so you don’t miss anything!

SF in SF events expects to be back in March with authors and films — I’ll continue to post those here once the details are arranged.

You can always drop me a line with any questions at sfinsfevents@gmail.com

Happy New Year!

Rina Weisman and the SF in SF crew

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